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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read labels and use as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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Beconase (beclomethasone dipropionate) is a nasal spray containing a corticosteroid with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

The majority of patients buy Beconase to reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms, such as those caused by hay fever or exposure to pet dander. Rarely it may be used for other purposes.

This product can be used in patients aged 6 years and up.

Breathing Easy with Beconase

Hay fever and other allergies can cause a stuffy or itchy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and even hives on the skin and a general feeling of being unwell. Though differing in cause, in many respects allergy symptoms are similar to those of the common cold and can have an equally negative impact upon the enjoyment and productivity of a day, whether at work or at play.

Symptoms such as sneezing can even be dangerous while driving or performing other complex tasks, but most allergy sufferers simply want to restore the ability to enjoy a summer picnic or other outing without developing the symptoms of illness which are characteristic of allergies of all kinds.

Traditional allergy medicines, such as antihistamines, can cause slight to extreme drowsiness which, in some cases, may be as problematic as the allergy symptoms themselves. Beconase, on the other hand, does not cause drowsiness. This is important when the goal of taking allergy medicines is to feel like oneself again---fresh, invigorated, and ready to take on the world.

Another reason so many allergy sufferers prefer to buy Beconase is that, unlike medications designed to be taken at the appearance of allergy symptoms in order to reverse them, Beconase can be taken in advance to prevent such symptoms from ever developing in the first place. Of course, Beconase will also help alleviate symptoms that are already in progress.

Using Beconase Effectively

Beconase comes in the convenient form of a nasal inhaler, designed to deliver the medication to nasal passages and airways where it's most needed. One more reason so many allergy sufferers prefer to buy Beconase---the ease and simplicity of application is a welcome change to so many other allergy medications, which are literally a bitter pill to swallow.

Administration is simple:

  • Children aged 6-12 should use one spray in each nostril once per day.
  • Patients aged 12 and up can use either one or two inhalations per nostril once or twice per day.
  • Beconase has not been tested on, and is therefore not recommended for, children less than 6 years of age.
  • If using Beconase as a preventive treatment, treatment should begin 2 weeks prior to anticipated allergen exposure.

Many patients report symptom improvements within the first few uses of Beconase, but it may take 3 days to 2 weeks of use for maximum benefit. If no significant improvements are noticed within 3 weeks, alternative options should be considered.

Beconase may be used continuously for up to six months. Occasionally treatment extends beyond that, but this should be discussed with a doctor as there are increasing risks of side effects.

One can choose to suffer from allergies and be miserable, take an old-fashioned allergy medication and walk through life in a sleepy state of dulled awareness, or one can buy Beconase. Just one or two sprays a day will allow allergy symptoms to fade into the mists of memory where they belong.

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